Here’s Why I’m Eating It

New Years Resolutions stink.  We can all agree on that, right?

I always thought so until today when I discovered this website that gave an entire year’s worth of “National <insert food here> Days/Months” at!  Diggin’ on a different food every day?  Now, that’s a New Year’s resolution I can sink my teeth into.  Initially it felt a little cheap to blog about it, kind of like I’m ripping off that Amy Adams movie about the Julia Chile’s cookbook.  To make matters worse, since starting this blog in January, I’ve discovered that I am by far not the first person to rip off the Amy Adams movie by attempting this very exact idea.  Some of the original “pioneers” are at NationalFoodHolidayTour, 365 Foods, and If You Want To View Paradise. Some of them admittedly put much more effort into this than I have committed. One guy in New York City (NYC Food Days) is doing the exact same thing right now on a tour of all the restuarants in The City, and he is even more prompt than me. If I lived in NYC, I’d be following him way before I’d follow me.  

But, the point of me doing this blog was never for purposes of originaltiy. If it was, I’d  probably have quit upon finding these other guys and then never attempt another blog ever again, because lets face it, is there really any idea that isn’t implicitly ripped off from somewhere else online?  Any time I think I have a brilliant though, I just do a search and find out that at least twelve other people are already doing it. I didn’t conceive iate2012 out of a desire to be original, it was from a desire to eat the food.  Well, and then of course to chronicle it.

So, I’m going to stick to the schedule, eat each day’s dedicated dish, get completely off point about it all, and keep track each day in under 500 words, because let’s face it, the concept is obviosuly not original, and the subject is really not that interesting.  Some days are easy, like National Cheese Lover’s Day, but I can see there are going to be some challenges, like March 25th which is National Lobster Newburg Day.  I don’t know what that is, but I don’t remember ever seeing it on a menu, and that’s always trouble.  Please don’t let me have to make that!

So, since you found this blog, I’d love for you to follow along, maybe even share a story or two about the food du jour.  If not, well hey, some of the other ones teach you how to make the stuff, so maybe you could go check one of them out.

Either way, I’m gettin’ busy!


2 Responses to Here’s Why I’m Eating It

  1. Hey Jim. I followed you! You are one of the fewer blogs that don’t just rant about recipes or reviews. Thanks for your informative food posts. I have never heard about the Amy Adams movie whatsoever but hey I might go check it out some time 🙂

  2. Jim Clark says:

    Yes, I agree that there are just about enough recipes online by now. At minimum, three or four for just about everything one could possibly want to make. I figured the one thing the internet was lacking was record of me trying to eat all of it.

    Thanks for following along. And for calling my blog informative. Somtimes I get a little distracted by my belly.

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