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Happy National Popcorn Day (1/31)

Popcorn is always really easy to come by.  There’s movie theater popcorn, fancy online popcorn, prepackaged bags of popcorn, free popcorn (like I get in the waiting area at Suntire), and of course there’s little boxes of microwavable bags of popcorn.  … Continue reading

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Happy National Croissant Day! (1/30)

Dennis Leary said in his 1992 “No Cure for Cancer” stand up act, that the reason the French people are so rude to Americans is because: “Years ago, they gave us the ‘cwa-sone.’  ‘LE CWA-SONE?’  And what did we do? We … Continue reading

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Happy National Corn Chip Day! (1/29)

Corn chips.  How could I mess this one up, right?  My go to move here was to just take the family to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and get full off of chips before my lunch came.  Unfortunately, I’m just not … Continue reading

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National Blueberry Pancake Day (1/28)

I occasionally make pancakes for my family.  After all, mixing 1 cup of Aunt Jemima mix, with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup of milk a few times per month is the least I can do for my family.  But for … Continue reading

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National Pistachio Day (1/26)

Huge fan of the nut.  Huge!  So, January 26th looked like it was going to be a slam dunk with a 99 cent bag of pistachios.  I actually got to Walgreens and was staring at the bag, when I remembered, pistachios … Continue reading

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