Happy Tortellini Day! (2/13)



After yesterday’s plum pudding ordeal, I feel like one of the greatest things about today being National Tortellini Day, is that it is readily available everywhere so I don’t have to make it from scratch!  After all, as it was stated in the “Here’s Why I’m Eating it” link, these entries are motivated by the consumption of each day’s very special food, not necessarily the creation of it.  It’s not that I’m adverse to cooking, in fact I do most of it in my house, but stuff like making noodles… there’s a reason everyone got pasta machines for Christmas in the 80’s, and then wound up selling them for $10 a piece in the 90’s.  The stuff on the store shelves is cheaper and it’s just as good.

All that being said, I still wanted to give a decent effort to making the experience something.   I mean, the ravioli and tortellini are the magic pasta with the delicious cheesey center!  The gum industry has tried repeatedly to traslate this concept into its product.  There was Chewels Gum, and Squirt Gum, and I’m pretty sure there was one called Tidal Wave Gum. All had this juicy middle that kind of oozed out when you chomped down on it… bleh!  Suffice it to saythat tortellini just doesn’t work as well in gum form.  But man, when you’re talking about dinner time?  Tortellini is no joke!

There’s tortellini soups, tortellini salad, tortellini entrees, and even dessert tortellini made of chocolate or custard.  But, hang on, because as far as just an over the counter entree is concerned, you’re still talking about refrigerated over dry, chicken stuffed, cheese stuffed, or pesto stuffed.  So many choices!  

I don’t think there should be any doubt as to which one I went with, but if you guessed cheese, then YEP!  Typically, my instinct with noodles is to dump some marinara sauce on it.  Honestly sometimes it’s cold and straight from the jar.  I learned in college that if the noodles are hot enough, you don’t have to heat the sauce. 

Tortellini With Garlic and Ranch

This round however, I gleaned a different route from, of all places, Yahoo! Answers.  I almost never find that thing helpful, but this person, who signs her genius “FineWhine,” gave the recommendation to mix butter, garlic and instant ranch dressing powder with the pasta.   Well, I never!

Let me tell you something, I did just as FineWhine Said, plus I added a topping of sauteed mushrooms and onions in oil with a teaspoon of chicken boullion.  That was one hell of a combo, let me tell you, and adding a little lightly seasoned broccoli made the meal almost perfect.  Then it got weird, because my wife is pregnant and she had a flavor for mustard greens.

Tortellini Southern Style

No…  It was good!  It was still Itallian, just with a little influence from the South… It was like a deep South Itallian dinner.

But, the thing of it is — CHEESE!!  Oh the cheese!

(See you on Valentine’s Day, which is also Cheese-Filled Chocolate Day!)

About Jim Clark

"If it was worth doing, then it is worth writing!" -- Jim Clark -- Someone else probably said that before, and I'm sure that each semester she starts her Creative Writing 101 class by writing it on the board, but I never took that lady's class so I am taking her quote! I work in the world of advertising, but I write for a living. Here in the second decade of the '00s, we find ourselves in a culture where virtually everyone writes for a living. With all the clicking and clacking on Facebook, Twitter, emails and texts, our lives are more than ever intertwined with writing. At the same time, it's also become increasingly more important to shorten our thoughts down to as few characters as possible. So, now, more than ever, I think it's also important to hold a place in our lives for expanding and honing our thoughts through writing. This is my place for that.
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