Happy National Black Forest (cup) Cake Day (3/28)

Typically I’m not a big fan of fruit in my dessert, certainly not when it’s the prime ingredient — yeah I’m talkin’ to you cherry pie! The Black Forest Chocolate Cake, however, gets a little bit of a pass.  With origins that were long ago claimed by the wooded Southwestern portion of Germany that shares the same name, the black forest cake is a rich chocolatey-cherry delight.

The black forest (the one made of trees and not of chocolate), runs along the Southwest portion of Germany, bordering France on the West, and Switzerland on the South.  Centuries ago, the region became a hot bed for vacationing royalty when it was discovered that it was loaded with a bunch of those natural hot springs that people like to build hotels over.  Today things have not changed much.  The black forest and its surrounding towns are still as dedicated as ever to the decadent, hosting them in extravagant resorts and luxury hotels.  People flock from all over, especially the surrounding countries, to bathe in the natural springs, shop in the fancy jewelry stores, and sip the area’s home-grown cherry schnapps that is distilled from the neighboring orchards.

Black forest cakes you can buy these days, are not typically made from cherry schnapps, it seems.  This is not something I’m heartbroken about, because schnapps isn’t something I’ve ever been particularly fond of.  Just a few drinks containing schnapps in it, and I’m out cold the whole rest of the day.  Amarillo does that to me too.  I think it must have something to do with all that sweetness mixed in with the booze.

Of course I’m aware that I’m not going to get a hangover from cooked booze, but much in the same vein of how a tequilla lollypop might not appeal to you, I’ve got a psychosis that’s attached itself to the flavor of schnapps, and not so much the effects.

Unfortunately for authenticity’s sake, Tasty Pastry does not use schnapps in their black forest cake, they use the same cherry filling that is found in their cherry pies. This was, of course, fortunate for me.  As I mentioned up there in the beginning of this entry, the black forest cake is so chocolate loaded that the minimal cherry flavor you get actually does end up complimenting the chocolate without overpowering the overall experience.

One last interesting note about black forest cake, if you ever bring one on a picnic, you’re going to really want to protect it from ants because once ants are inside the black forest they are Federally protected under German law.  I hear that the Bundeskriminalamt can really ruin a day out in the sun.


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