Happy National Taffy Day! (5/23)

Available 24/7 All Along The Turnpike and I-75

Available 24/7 All Along The Turnpike and I-75

Today’s dedication to taffy is kind of fun. Face it, if you don’t like taffy, you wear dentures.  Also, if you’ve never tried taffy, it means that you’ve never travelled through any coastal tourist areas anywhere on the entire East coast from Maine all the way down to Florida.  As a Florida native, I can assure you that once your road trip to Disney World progresses  you down to the vicinity of Gainesville or Ocala, you’re not going to be able to go five miles without encountering a billboard or sale sign soliciting you to drink some fresh orange juice, see a giant stuffed alligator, stop in for a lap dance (Couples welcome!), or pick up a pack of delicious Florida salt water taffy!

Now, I do like taffy, in fact I quite enjoy it.  What’s not to like?  It’s fruity, chewy, sweet yet tart. It’s simply delicious!  It’s like chewing gum you can swallow without having to worry about it digesting in your belly for seven years. There is a fancy grocery store around the corner that makes a big deal about the taffy, carrying quite a variety, but after driving up and down Florida for what has probably amounted to over a hundred trips, trying many varieties of taffy, I truly don’t see the big deal about “home made” confections vs. salt water vs. just plain Laffy Taffy.

To be honest, I actually enjoy the Laffy Taffy quite a bit more.  Some of those home brews don’t have that fun stretchy quality that makes taffy… well, “Laffy!”  In fact, some of it is just too melty so that I end up not sure if it’s stuck in my teeth or not.

Frankly, I believe when we dive into a piece of taffy, we’re essentially combining a decadent sweets requirement with a carnal need to tear into and devour the flesh of something.

Welcome to Jurrasic Park!

On a side note, it was brought to my attention by Turtles Eating Things on FaceBook, that today is National Turtle Day as well. Since turtle soup is not something I could easily come by nor bring myself to eat, as I own eight turtles, I fed my little tortoise a worm and found that he and I celebrated today in an extremely similar fashion.

See you Thursday for National Escargot Day! (5/24)


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