National Ice Cream Day You Say? Not for Me! (7/15)

Today is National Ice Cream Day! You can’t argue with it, because it is was made so by Presidential decree. Ronald Reagan declared it in 1984, try finding otherwise! You won’t. It is ironic that he would be the President to name this day as National Ice Cream Day, since he is also the President who was known for loving jelly beans above all other sweet. Jelly beans are the ice cream topping that only children under the age of twelve find appealing because they turn hard as rocks within seconds.

Here’s the funky thing, though. Even though it’s a Presidential decree, like Roosevelt declared that the third Thursday of November should be dedicated to Turkey (revising Lincoln’s Tuesday decree), so did Reagan declare that the third Sunday of July should be dedicated to ice cream. Yet, my list says that this day should be dedicated to… tapioca. That’s right, tapi-freakin-oca! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still National Ice Cream Month, and my list dedicates the 20th to ice cream (NOT TODAY, mind you!) as well as the 17th being dedicated to Peach Ice Cream and the 25th to the Chocolate Sundae. But, if I ever needed proof that I joined up with a hack job of a food of the month list, it’s today when it get’s National Ice Cream Day a full five days off.

Don’t get me wrong, tapioca’s alrght. If you’ve never had it, it’s some kind of cross between vanilla and bread pudding. But when you know the rest of the country is celebrating ice cream during National Ice Cream month, it’s a little hard to be eating tapioca, even if I did douse it with 1/8 cup of chocolate chips. It’s kind of like being the one non-Christian in town on Christmas.

Stuff in the Pantry

So, what are we dealing with here with this tapioca? Well, it’s dropped from a plant from down in South America, but in the end it’s just some thing that’s used to thicken stuff up like flour.  So when you’re making tapioca pudding, what you’re doing is taking whatever you began with and making gravy by adding the tapioca gook.

I’ve been keeping this box of minute tapioca pudding mix for many, many months. I don’t remember why I even bought it, but I kept it. Maybe I kept it for today, who knows. For whatever reason, I had it for today, National Ice Cream Day. So, I made it. The ingredients were sugar, vanilla and milk (I added chocolate), and then by adding tapioca the result became a thicker, clumpier sugar, vanilla and milk substance that now has a name. Tapioca!

On a side note, the reason I jumped on this list was to try eating new things every day. So, I suppose in a month that is celebrating ice cream (you really can’t argue the point that Ronald Reagan was a great President if you base it solely on Presidential decree), I should be thankful to be eating tapioca, especially since I’ve got all month to keep eating ice cream.

(sigh) So, Happy National Tapioca Pudding Day, I guess!

See you Tuesday for National Peach Ice Cream Day!

See you

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2 Responses to National Ice Cream Day You Say? Not for Me! (7/15)

  1. Alicia says:

    Hey, what is your favorite ice-cream flavor? Mine is salted caramel! I haven’t had taipoca since I was a kid

    • Jim Clark says:

      Ok, what?? Salted caramel you say? That has not been available anywhere I have ever lived, I am certain of it! Sounds phenomenal! I’ve just never heard of it. To answer your question, pumpkin is my favorite flavor when I can get it. Otherwise, my new favorite is Whoppers Ice Cream. Oh man, that’s some good stuff.

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