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Happy National Candy Corn Day! (10/30)

On the day before Halloween, could there possibly be a candy more popular than Candy Corn? After all, these little tri-colored, vampire tooth shaped confections have been a favorite Fall treat for over a hundred years. So, today as I glanced the shelves … Continue reading

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Happy National Oatmeal Day! (10/29)

On yesterday’s National Chocolate Day, I celebrated by filling each portion of my day with chocolate treats. National Oatmeal Day, however, would not receive this same festivity. It’s not that I don’t like oatmeal, I do. It’s breakfast at least once … Continue reading

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Happy National Chocolate Day (10/28)

There have been so many occassions of chocolate over the past 264 days, that it’s hard to not experience aspects of deja vu on this, a National Chocolate Day. The List is extremely dessert heavy in general, as it turns out, so … Continue reading

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Happy National Bologna Day! (10/24)

It has been stated for the record on several occasions that the National Food Holidays listed on are mostly completely unsubstantiated fabrications. Now here we are with a National Food Holiday that is literally full of bologna! It’s National Bologna … Continue reading

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Nuts, More Nuts, and a Couple More Nuts (10/22)

The word nut is about as ambiguous as can be. When used in its singular form, it is a playful word, as in, “Oh, he’s a real nut!” When used in its plural, it is an extremely critical word, as … Continue reading

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Having a Brandy Infused Day (10/20)

National Brandied Fruit Day is an interesting day for me to celebrate because there are many fruits that I am allergic to. No life threatening effects, mind you, just a closing up of the throat that gets me a little panicky. Fortunately, the allergy … Continue reading

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Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day! (10/19)

Cupcakes are like this decade’s coffee, or yogurt, or fried anything. It’s almost gotten to the degree of outrageous. Much like our ancestors of a hundred years ago would never have guessed that their great-great grand children would be frying cookies and Twinkies or opening … Continue reading

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