Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! (12/16)

Chocolate Covered AnythingIt doesn’t work, I know, but I’ve said it again and again that almost nothing about this list is real. Next time I decide to blog something, I will research the topic a little better, I promise! That being said, here we are in National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! The question here is not, “How do I celebrate?” but instead it’s, “How can I keep from over celebrating?”

The day started really easy, with a dark chocolate mini-Milkyway bar. I figured, it’s covered in chocolate, right? Then I moved on to a Whopper, also covered in chocolate. Then I saw a commercial for those little Ferrero Rocher chocolate thingies, that scoop of chocolate covering their crunchy innards, and this prompted me to go back to the pantry to get one of those! I think it was the Rocher commercial that really got to me, because suddenly I realized that I was handling this holiday completely wrong! I realized that the operative word in this holiday isn’t chocolate, so much as it is anything. Why was I letting the candy industry limit my day?

Milkyway, Whoppers, Ferrero Rocher... LAZY!

Milkyway, Whoppers, Ferrero Rocher… LAZY!

Chocolate Covered Ginger Cookie

Chocolate Covered Ginger Cookie

On the bottom shelf of the chocolate chip portion of the bakery aisle at Publix, they sell these little bowls of chocolate that you can just shove in the microwave oven for 45-seconds, and they come out an instant fondue pot. That is the way to go!  National  Chocolate  Covered Anything Day needs to be celebrated with an ever accessible bowl of chocolate for dipping whatever you want in it. Indeed, this is the true meaning of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

I tell ya, I dipped strawberries, I dipped cookies, I dipped, brownies, I dipped bacon, I even dipped candy corns… and then I began to feel that it was just about enough dipping. My original plan was to keep a fondue pot going all day, but after dipping my finger in there on last time, my tummy told me that it was good that I downsized the plan.

Now, let me say something about chocolate covered bacon. I love bacon. And, of course I like chocolate. But I had always been a little suspicious about mixing the two together. It’s pretty solid in my head that bacon is best enjoyed on its own. For the record, though, let me say I was completely wrong on this one. Chocolate covered bacon is fantastic! For the first half of the experience, you’re getting this crazy chocolatey crunch with this barely recognizable other flavor. Then, half way through, the chocolate dissipates, and your mouth realizes that it has just been tasting, and now is being nailed with, 100% unadulterated bacon yumminess! Yumminess, I tell ya!

ee you Tuesday for National Roasted Suckling Pig Day.


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